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Frequently Asked Questions

Check Here First for Your Answer

There are a couple steps you need to take to setup your system properly. Go through this quick checklist and you'll be set!

1. Configure Site > Basic Setup
Fill out the information in the various steps to hook the system up with your personal company information.

2. Configure Site > My Social Links
These links will appear on your blog pages in your profile.

3. Configure Site > My Photo
Be sure to upload your photo so your visitors get to know you.
You will find your marketing links in a couple different places, depending on what you need. Most links can be found under "My Marketing Pages".

Main Links - This will be your main core link ( and will have a default page attached. You can change this page on this section. Additionally, you will see a list of other various pages, typically Tour Pages and more.
Lead Capture Pages - These are pages designed speicifically to colllect a lead for you business. You have many to choose from. Send the appropriate page to the prospect or audience for best results. These will have a Tour Page and Email Campaign already attached, you may change either one.

There are other links this section that are dynamically created, just visit the section to learn more.
No, but you may add qualified prospects in one at a time through the Contact Manager. You may then include those in broadcast message situations.
YES of course, you can even write your own campaigns and attach them to any capture page.

Go to Email and SMS > Message Campaigns, then select (click edit icon) the campaign you wish to edit.
No, our support is done via our training, video tutorials and ticketing system.

Additionally, you might be able to get some help from other users.
Use the "Forgot my password' link on the login page to begin the process of resetting your password, se sure you are using the same email address attached to your account

If this does not work, then send us a support ticket from the same email address you are registered with and we will help you reset it and send you the new information.
Check your backoffice and you will find it there.
Our billing portal,, is available for you to control your own subscription. Please login to your account there and you can update your billing information, change your package, or cancel your account.


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